Uv Rays Protected Car Window Shades- 14396

Rs. 499.00 499.00

Protect your children and rear-seat passengers from harmful UV rays with this AUTO SUNSCREEN shades. They are made from 100% polyester, high quality thin netting, enabling it to stretch and provide the best fit for the door frame. It is a MULTI-FIT and is compatible for almost every type of car. These sun shades are designed to insulate ultraviolet light and high temperature irradiation, offering protection for your kids.



  • Prevent mosquitoes and other flying insects getting in
  • Block sunlight and cut UV Rays, reduce inside car temperature
  • Prevent car accessories from being faded and worn by the sunlight


  • Unfold the sunshade and slide over the top of the door frame
  • Pull it down to cover the entire window and smooth the wrinkle
  • Peel off the adhesive then stick it on inside of the door
  • Tighten the sunshade by sticking it together
  • Once fitted, the shade may be easily moved, please use the tape to keep it firmed.


  • Not for cars with sliding doors or without the frame.

Uv Rays Protected Car Window Shades- 14396