One Press Tape Dispenser - 14263

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One Press Tape Dispenser cuts equal length strips of transparent tape with a single squeeze of the trigger.

Seal envelopes, hang children’s art work, and keep everything together

❤️The Handheld Automatic Tape Dispenser is,simply put, the handiest tape dispenser we've ever seen.❤️

Of course there’s room in life for whimsical, cute tape dispensers too. But when it’s time to get down to business, you’re going to want to grab the one-handed, dust-free, no-battery, internal-blade tool that spools and cuts tape with a single action.

For a custom length of tape, squeeze the trigger, pull out the desired amount of tape, and release. Since the blade is housed internally, you’ll never accidentally cut yourself.



  • One-handed operation
  • Dispenses and cuts tape in a single motion
  • Internal blade prevents cuts
  • Cuts equally-sized pieces approximately 1.75" (4.44cm) long
  • Custom lengths possible
  • Works with all standard tape sizes
  • No batteries required

One Press Tape Dispenser - 14263