Multi-Purpose Plastic Mini Heat Sealer-1720

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Do you have this in the kitchen, if not then get it right now for no more fuss of keeping half packets on snacks with rubbers or other temporary seals? Food is apt for consumption only when it is placed packed tightly. This mini portable heat sealing machine reseals all the used packages of food and snack to keep them fresh and delicious for a long while.

With a convenient shape, this machine slides right and left to reseal packets and bags. It is made from ABS material and is operated with AA battery. Enjoy an instant and effortless fresh and air-teal seal storage with this handy machine.


  • Material: ABS
  • Color : Random Color
  • Size: 23 X 6.8 X 3 cm
  • Require 6 batteries for operation (Batteries not included)

Multi-Purpose Plastic Mini Heat Sealer-1720