Mini Portable Room Heater - 14297

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Get your personal Mini Portable Heater, it is unlike those large and bulky heaters that takes a bunch of space in your room. It's super lightweight and portable and perfect for heating a small area. Just attach it to any outlet by just plugging it in and it will pump out heat to the surrounding area.


  • It attaches to any outlet
  • It allow you to increase and decrease the temperature of the heat using a arrows that you push up or down
  • You can set timers to only heat the room for a certain amount of time before it shuts down
  • Another button on the Handy Heater allows you to control the speed of the hot air 
  • It is so tiny and lightweight you can use it pretty much anywhere


  • Rated Voltage- 220V
  • It uses 350 watt of energy when plugged in
  • It has a digital temperature display on the top of it and an on/off button along with a timer and fan speed button
  • It is able to heat up to a 250 square foot area
  • It measures 6.2 inches tall x 4.96 inches wide x 3.3 inches deep


Mini Portable Room Heater - 14297