Luo Hasi Vampire Dental Ice Tray Mold

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Savour chilled and refreshing drinks to beat the summer heat and to enhance the taste of satiating mocktails, cocktail, soft drinks, and other beverages. Pour ice piece to your drink for an ultimate experience. Have a look at this stunning ice mold with an attractive shape and appearance. It is exclusively designed to fit into every freezer and refrigerator. Owing sturdy and reliable base, it is convenient to carry and fill.

Created from food-grade material, this durable ice mold is safe to use at home. Add this tray to your refrigerator accessories to create attractive shapes of ice for a more creative garnishing.

Material: TPR

Size: 11 X 19.5 X 2.5 cm

Luo Hasi Vampire Dental Ice Tray Mold