Led Usb Mini Fan - 14280

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It is a USB powered fan displaying LED clock as it spins. The best part it's 100% safe to use, it won't hurt you even if you accidentally touch it while it's spinning. Its neck is made of flexible iron so, you can turn the fan in any direction and at any height. Its blades are soft but durable and easy to use.


It displays hour, minute and seconds hands.
Blades are made from PVC plastic and are very soft but durable.

How to set the time?

  • Plug fan into a USB port and press the button to keep it on.
  • Press and hold the button until the minute hand blinks, then release.
  • When flashing, press and hold the button until the watch starts to turn and release when it reaches the desired time.
  • To make small changes, Press the "SET" button once for each minute.
  • The time is automatically stored in after 6 seconds without activity.
  • After the first time setting, no need to set it again and again.


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Led Usb Mini Fan - 14280