Invisible Higher Adjustable Unisex Shoe Soles

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Here is the most amazing way to look taller than ever and forever too. Try these removable soles which let you increase as much height as you want. The air cushion soul offers utmost comfort to your feet and does not let you get tired. Made from the supreme quality material, this pair of a sole is quake-proof, soft, and adjustable. Wear them all day round and no one will get to know the secret of your enhanced height.

Alter the size of this sole according to your fit and wear the sole with shoes, trainers, sneakers, boots, etc. This is a quick, safe, easy, and hassle-free method to feel taller and comfortable.


  • Height of Top Insole: 3 cm
  • Height of Bottom Insole: 0.4 cm
  • Material: PVC

Invisible Higher Adjustable Unisex Shoe Soles