European Multi-Functional Smart Key Holder-1707

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2017’s best gadget is here to save your time while organizing your life in a simpler way instantly.

Searching for the right key from a bunch of keys on a single key-chain is such a time-wasting task we all do one or the other day. But thanks to KeySmart, an ultimate solution to this problem.

This smart key holder converts the messy bulk of keys into a compressed and simply accessible key-holder with its 5 dynamic functions.

  • It holds up to 8 GB data storage as the super-fast USB device
  • Works as a reliable bottle opener
  • Works as a portable torch with an ultra-powerful Nano light.
  • Comes with a pocket clip, designed to easy hitch, or attach to a pocket.
  • Possesses a ‘Quick Disconnect’ mechanism to immediately remove the device from anything it attaches to.

This modern tool is a must have for every person, get the one for you soon.

European Multi-Functional Smart Key Holder-1707