Endoscope Ear Cleaner-14193

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Stop cleaning your ears with q-tips or other dangerous tools! using these types of tools can damage your eardrum and cause long term hearing problems.

Introducing the endoscope ear cleaner, you can now carefully see what's inside your ear, remove it safely, and avoid accidents that damage your hearing.

5.5mm electronic mini camera which gives you real-time view of your ear canal while you are digging inside your ear to get rid of excess ear wax and other impurities. Compatible with Android, Mac USB and PC.

Safe and ergonomic ear pick which is much safer than traditional Q-Tips and other cleaning devices. Because of its rounded design it can pick up earwax and glide across without pushing it inward into your ear canal like Q-Tips do.

Designed with a 6pcs LED lamp that can be adjusted for brightness, ensuring the best possible view of your ear canal. This feature makes it easy for daily or weekly cleaning, as well as for ear disease patients who need to continually observe the status of their ears.

Endoscope Ear Cleaner-14193