360-Degree Race Track With Remote Controlled Racer-14091

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Awesome Remote Control Light-Up Racer With Customizable Tubular Race Track!

  • Multi-Piece Set of Plastic Tubing For Customizable 360-Degree Race Track With Remote Controlled Racer!
  • Lets You Create Various Tubular Race Tracks – Expand Your Track With Multiple Sets And Race With A Friend!
  • Looks Even More Spectacular In The Dark Thanks To The Racer’s Built-In Strobing Lights!

Want To Build Your Own Racetrack?!

  • Introducing our brand-new cutting-edge Magical Tube Racer!
  • Each set comes with 1 remote controlled zoom racer and customizable plastic tubing! Many different parts, such as connections and curved tubes allow for lots of twists and turns and loops!
  • If you feel the need, the need for speed – you want the Magic Tube Racer! With all that tubing, you can make all sorts of different tracks!
  • Launch your racer around your bedroom, across your living room, or up to the ceiling and back down!
  • Use your imagination and build a ton of crazy racing configurations for guaranteed hours of fun!


How Does It Work?

  • Wow! Where do we start?!
  • The future is now, with our Magical Tube Racers!
  • Your zoom racer is wirelessly controlled by remote. And the remote matches the color of your racer! The controls are simple, but check it out – you can even race your car in reverse!
  • The set also includes a USB cord to charge your car.
  • The racer has built-in strobing lights for extra spectacular night racing! Start your engines, turn out the lights and prepare for a groovy light show!
  • The racer is able to smoothly glide and rocket along the plastic tubing because of its 360-degree wheel design. There’s no stopping you once you get going!
  • The plastic tubing fits together easily.
  • The switch on the side of your racer activates it.
  • Once your track is complete, and your racer is on, place your racer in and start your zooming!


Go Bigger, Go faster!

  • Expand your racing options with a second set! Twice the tubing! Twice the track!
  • Think of the possibilities! You could never build the same track twice! Find out all the ways you can make your racer zoom!
  • A second set also means a second zoom racer! Multiply the fun and race with a friend!
  • More tubing means more zooming area! Expand the action! Expand the intensity!
  • Build criss-cross sections and watch to see if your racers collide or just barely miss each other!
  • Our Magical Tube Racers are your first-class ticket to high-octane exhilarating fun!


  • Set of plastic tubing for customizable 360-degree race track!
  • Build countless racetrack configurations!
  • Wireless remote control racer – the color of the remote matches your racer! 
  • Racer has built-in lights that strobe when switched on – race in the dark and enjoy a spectacular lightshow! 
  • Get 2 sets and race with a friend! 
  • Tracks can be expanded with multiple sets because the tubing from each set can easily be connected! 
  • Easy to build – effortlessly connect pieces by pushing ends together until they click! 
  • Play with your family, play with your friends! 
  • Car charges with USB cord! 
  • Promotes creativity, focus, and experimentation!
  • Race around anything and anyone, the possibilities are endless!

360-Degree Race Track With Remote Controlled Racer-14091