Reusable Sticky Rotatory Dust Pad

  • Rs. 505.00


Cleaning dust, pet hair, dandruff, fur, and more sound to be a good task if we have hair sticky rotatory dust sweeping brush! It is exclusively designed with a rotating brush which traps dirt and filth on to the roller with its sticky formula. No wire or a battery is required to operate the cordless spinner of the brush. All you need to do is to move the brush smoothly on the floor, carpet, furniture, clothes, or sheets.

rolling, dust pad, cleaner, brush, flexible, plastic

It conveniently cleans tiles, marble, vinyl, wood, linoleum, and many other surfaces effortlessly. Designed from sturdy and enduring rubber and plastic material, it boasts sturdiness. Now clean clothes, home, furniture, etc. with a single sweep in no time. Stay relaxed and hygienic.

rolling, dust pad, cleaner, brush, flexible, plastic

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