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Top 10 Creative Kitchen Utilities at Globepanda at a Pocket Soothing Price



Kitchen is said to be one of the crucial part of the household area. This is the place, where you prepare all those lip-smacking meals and drinks to satiate the hunger of family member and guests arriving at home.

No doubt in the fact that, numerous set of kitchen gadgets are your ideal partner in making cooking task goes simple and quite modified.

 In this connection, we have come up with top 20 creative kitchen utilities that make your way of cooking goes creatively advanced.



Tea Strainer

Just get rid of the pain of dipping a green tea bag in your cup with a hassle to insert it for too long. Use this innovative and pocket friendly tea strainer to directly pour tea leaves inside the cup and let the sweet aroma of tea cast a major spell on your head.




Egg Omelete Sun Cloud Plastic Stencil

Experience the pleasure of your favoured egg omelete during breakfast and that too in a creative manner. Use this attention-grabbing sun and cloud shaped stencil to cook egg in an innovative manner.



 Decorative Coffee Moulds

You must have experienced the pleasure of hot brewing coffee in any lounge area looking at creative pattern drawing on the form. Why not avail the same pleasure at home using any of this creative coffee moulds.


Corn Scratcher

Eat up your favoured corns using this plastic scratcher that saves great deal of time and effort.



Plastic Bag Sealer

Forget using numbers of pins, u clips or stapler for sealing vegetable, fruit or any other food carrying plastic bag. Make the best of this portable plastic sealer to prevent anything being done to your food material.



Silica Egg Yolk Separator

Eating eggs with a perfect yellow coloured round shape yolk at the top is being liked by many. So, make sure you prepare it well using this silica made egg yolk separator in a hassle-free manner.


Vegetable Grater Roller

Cooking Spaghetti or noodles require well-chopped and grated vegetables to bring maximum taste out of this dish. Now, feel the pleasure of grating task using this roller grater to find long length stripes of vegetables.




Finger Protection Guard

Knife cuts are quite common to face while cutting fruits or vegetables in hurry. Beware of such hassle and simple use this finger protected guard finger. Made up of fine quality stainless steel shield for your fingers.



Nut Cracker

No doubt in the fact that, eating nuts is healthy and quite a favoured snack for several individuals. So, eat up with ease using this nut cracker that smoothly takes out nut from the shell.




External Refrigerator Holder

Finding space at home refrigerator is quite difficult for every single household owner. Need not to worry as this external fridge shelfs can be placed inside for an extra set of space.


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