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The Ultimate Guide To Select The Perfect Handbag For Different Occasions

It would not be wrong to say that a handbag is a woman’s closest friend. A bag is an essential part of her life and why wouldn’t it be? From gadgets, cosmetics, books to small personal items, everything fits into a handbag. Besides its usability, a handbag also plays a major role in making a style statement. There are different types of handbags that complement different kinds of occasions. Choosing a perfect handbag can flatter your favourite outfit while doing the opposite can turn into a fashion nightmare. To help you out in this crucial task we have prepared a complete guide to help you choose the perfect handbag matching the occasion.


Fashionable Backpacks

A backpack is a great option for college going girls. Backpacks are smart, cool, convenient and at the same time, you can wear a backpack creating the combination with sporty jeans and top, simple t-shirts and or any other college dress to flaunt your cool side. Besides backpacks, bucket bags, messenger bags are also great options to carry your stuff and looking stylish in college.

Women Backpack

Trendy Totes

If you are a working woman, you probably spend most of your time outside the home, that’s why the bag you carry should be fashionable and functional. Whether it’s the usual workday or an important meeting, a stylish tote bag will be your ideal partner. An elegant and chic tote with enough space will be perfect to keep all your important things. The totes are also used as beach bags to carry your beach stuff.

 Women Tote Bag

Smart Sling Bags

Sling Bags are the most favourite bags of every woman. Whether you go for travel or shopping, sling bags are just perfect for any day use while making a style statement. A sling bag keeps your hands free thus offering you all the comfort you need as you run your errands. These purses are a hit among the teenagers and college students and a favourite of busy moms of young babies.

 Women Sling Bags

Cute Wallets

Wallets are small flat cases, designed to fit in a pocket as their main purpose is to carry money and credit cards. That’s why the wallet is also known as a coin purse. Whether you are carrying a large size handbag or small sling bag, carrying a wallet inside is a must to make quick payments while shopping.  Carrying a wallet whenever you are going for quick errand runs is always essential.

 Women Wallets

The Fancy Clutch

Clutches are beautiful and fancy purses that are ideal for formal events, parties and night outs. Generally, a fancy clutch is studded with eye-catching rhinestone crystals or beads that add a touch of sophistication to your party look. They often come with or without a strap, so you can carry them as per your comfort. This small handbag gives you enough space to carry essential stuff such as mobile phone, cosmetics and other small-sized personal items.

Women Fancy Clutch

To make it more convenient for you, we are giving you three pro tips to help you select the right handbag for you.


  1. Consider The Event

The most important rule to pick the right bag is to consider the event. Any event such as an office party, club night or a wedding, choosing an inappropriate choice of bag will not only ruins the look but also your comfort level.


  1. Consider The Design Of The Bag

Every bag comes in different style and design. Before picking the strapless clutch, remember you have been carrying it through the entire event. Similarly, a small sling bag will not be spacious enough to occupy your requisites if you are going on a long trip. You need to make sure that the design you are selecting should not just fashionable but comfortable to carry too.


  1. Go For Versatile Designs

Buying some bags with versatile designs is a good idea for those, who frequently shell out for fancy events and parties. This would be helpful to save a lot of money you would have spent on buying a whole lot of a bunch of bags. For example, a little black purse that goes with your LBD and floor-length Anarkali at the same time.


Hope this detailed post helps you in picking an appropriate bag next time you get ready for an important event! You can always shop stylish handbags online on GlobePanda, that offers a wide range of handbags in different styles and occasions.

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