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Simple Ways to Reduce the Expose of Radiation from Smartphone


Slowly and gradually, we are ending the quality of our life being exposed to radiation waves emitting from the smartphone. Still, life without our beloved device is something impossible and unthinkable.
We do like to handheld that pretty amazing gadget that let us the whole world come in front of us. All thanks to the advanced technology, we find ourselves lucky enough to utilize a smartphone for an innumerable number of tasks.
However, we have made a crucial sacrifice against this smart technology by being exposed to harmful radiation rays.

Many of you might not aware of the fact that, a smartphone near to us emits around 50% of Radio Frequency waves that slowly degrade the quality of our life.
No matter how you keep away from using this device in a day, waves sure to strike you hard.

Different Ways to Avoid the Direct Contact of Radio Frequency Waves

Keeping away from the radio frequency waves coming out of smartphone does not require you to lay off with the technology.
Unless follow these simple steps to keep the radiation level as less than possible.

Turn on the Speaker Mode or Use a Hand free: Making or receiving calls do affect you with the harmful ways. Now, lesser the effect either by putting the call on a speaker mode or use hands free. Doing this will help you prevent close contact with the device and RF rays.


Weak Network Much Radiation: Just look at the network bar in the screen of the device. In case, two or three bars are missing, then it is a sign of a weak network that generally emits high range of waves as compared to a normal condition. So, avoid taking or making calls with a weak cell phone network.

Nightmare: When you are all set to sleep during the night by keeping your phone close to the bedside. Then get ready to feel the nightmare of radiation waves coming out of the device. During the night, our body is at rest mode and nerves and cells could not fight with the harmful rays. So, better is to use an actual alarm clock instead of placing the smartphone at the bedside.

Anti-Radiation Case: Wearing an anti-radiation case around the smartphone also decreases the effect of rays. Majorly a flip cover that can cover up the whole device restricts the emission of rays striking your body.

Pregnant Ladies Stat Away from a Smartphone: Radiofrequency waves attack small infants with a dual speed. So, the prevention is for pregnant ladies to keep their baby bump away from the smartphone. It is a fact that, small skull and thinner bones of soon to be born baby receives the dual amount of harmful radio frequency waves.

Call Connection Phenomenon: You might have the habit of placing the device near to ear while connecting a call. But, remember at the initial phase, the device emits many waves as compared to already connected mode. So, let the call be connected and then place the device to ear.

It is necessary to use a smartphone and simple to get away from its harmful waves effect after following the above steps.

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