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How to Import Goods from China to India
Importing goods from China and selling in India through global sourcing has proven a successful business idea. Products that are made in China have become popular worldwide due to their uniqueness and comparatively low price. However, it doesn’t mean that the importing process is easy. Long shipping time, an unexpected rise in delivery costs, expensive regulatory fee are some of the issues that made this process complex, confusing, and costly especially if you are a beginner.

Here’s a step by step guide - How to Import Goods from China to India.

 How to Import Goods from China to India

1. Identify Your Import Rights

As an importer, you will buy goods from foreign sources and the courier companies such as DHL/FedEx will handle the rest and deliver the package to your door if your package is small and ordered for the personal use. However, making any purchase of commercial goods as a business or an individual needs strong research about the importing and exporting laws to identify your rights.

 2. Identify The Goods You Want To Import.

Trading companies make money by selling products if you fail to choose the right products it will lead to the loss of time and money. To become a successful importer, the first thing you require is to select the correct product for reselling. For this, you need to research and collect enough information about your desired products. This information will also help you to determine the price classification.
We suggest:
  • Search a product you are passionate to work.
  • Determine the uniqueness of the product so you can sell it at a high price.
  • Find the product you can ship in large quantities to get low shipping cost per unit.

 3. Ensure The Goods you select Are legal To Import Into Your Country.

In every country, there are certain goods that are prohibited to be imported and this list is different in almost every country. Research well about the permits, restrictions or regulations of your country. Importing such unsafe or banned products could end up costing you a fortune in form of fines and penalties or the goods can be detained or destroyed.
4. Categorize Your Goods And Calculate The Final Cost.
Pay attention to international business laws and calculate the final cost before you place an order. Determine your FOB by adding below three together.
  • Get the price of a product from the supplier.
  • Calculate the shipping charges from China freight forwarding company.
  • Add the charges of customs clearance, duty & tax, land transport to your warehouse.
5. Find A Reliable Supplier In China And Place An Order.
Go through the shipping terms carefully and place your order with the seller. Once you finalize your supplier, you can request for a proforma invoice or quote sheet for your future purchases. Your proforma invoice must include the weight, package dimensions and the terms of purchase. The proforma invoice is a non-binding document that helps to budget your future purchases. It’s not a purchase order, nor does it create a legal commitment.
6. Track Your Cargo And Get Prepared For Arrival.
You know that shipping goods from other countries can take time. Especially, goods shipped from China takes around 15-30 days to reach India. Consume this time to check your commercial invoice, packing list, the bill of lading, and other freight-related documents. You should know the rules and regulations in case your order falls into any trouble when being cleared by the customs of your country. For a safer side place an order at a minimum of 3 months prior you need your goods.
7. Hire A Customs Clearing Agent And Freight Forwarder.
A freight forwarder or forwarding agent is also known as an NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier), is a person or company that manages and organizes point to point shipments for companies or any individuals to import goods from abroad to your location.  If you don't have much knowledge about the documentation part, you can hire many customs agents for the customs clearance. After all the procedure gets completed collect your shipment.
If you can’t handle all this complex procedure but still interested to do cross-border business, it would be best to take help from professionals to make the process easier. You can become a reseller/wholesaler with our reseller program and we will help you to get a huge variety of international products sourced directly from China. You can buy goods at factory prices and sell them further adding whatever margin you think is best for you. The program has zero registration fee and you can start your business with the capital of just Rs.5000.
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