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Hottest Spring & Summer Handbag Trends of 2019

If the rising temperatures of this summer season have left you desperate to kickstart your summer wardrobe, but your account balance is disappointing you, a new season handbag is a perfect way to give you a new look without spending a fortune. Everyone knows that accessories play a vital role to make or break an outfit. Especially when travelling with limited options handbags are the perfect way to liven up any wardrobe. Which is why we are super excited to see which of the spring & summer 2019 handbag trends are going to really win over the women on the streets and become staples! Let us introduce you to 2019's most sought-after purse collection we're betting big on this season. And remember, these are the best summer handbags to infuse style into your vacation this season and trends like these don't come around often, so we suggest snagging one (or three) before they all sell out.

Mini Backpacks

A cute mini backpack will be your new go-anywhere bag. These tiny and stylish backpacks will never go out of style and will only get better and better with age. It is surely an investment piece that comes in buzzing colours and boasts a free-hand shape, making it a perfect summer bag. Mini backpack bag merges style and functionality effortlessly with separate compartments for your stuff. We're betting big that these bags are the next big trend in 2019.

 Mini Backpacks

Trendy Clear Plastic Bags

A clear plastic bag is perfect for carrying your phone and a bit of change during the day when you might get splashed with some water. We saw lots of tiny, see-through bags as part of the spring & summer 2019 handbag trends. Clear plastic was part of the theme of many designer’s runway collections this season, so a little plastic clutch stuffed with all kinds of colourful shiny objects fit in perfectly. A see-through plastic bag is also a great choice for the beach or pool, the clear bags are the ultra-casual looking options made of colourfully tinted see-through plastic.

 Trendy Clear Plastic Bags

Ball-Shaped Bags

That's right, the round shape is the latest trend in 2019. Ball-shaped bags for summer 2019 will not only work as evening purses, but their shape reminds us of pretty things like perfume bottles or crystal balls. Being a stylish, functional round shape bag, it boasts swoon-worthy colour choices, and holds its fair share with a number of new patterns, making it an ideal summer bag.

 Ball-Shaped Bags

Unique New Shapes

The classic bag shapes will never go out of styles, but designers always try to break from tradition and create bags in new and unique shapes. And the tradition going on in spring 2019 as well, as we have seen some of the truly outrageous as well as genuinely unique new shapes on the runway. It’s all about taking the material and adding odd angles, giving the geometry of the bag a totally new spin. Shapes of animals, fruits and even irregular shapes are showing up in the latest collection of spring & summer 2019.

 Unique Shape Bags

Drawstring Top

Zippers are modern, clasps are old-timey, but drawstring closings are still the cutest. Talking about drawstring bags, they give the impression of more like a sporty bag. The spring 2019 bags kept some of the athleticism of a drawstring bag but give a more elegant touch. If you were a fan of old-school structured bags, these Drawstring Top bags are bound to be your new favourite.

Drawstring Top Bag

Bucket Bags

Uncomplicated bucket bags are always carried by models on the runway, ensuring that accessory aficionados will not forget about this particular bag shape. Despite the always changing trends, it seems bucket bags are staying firmly in place as one of the spring & summer 2019 handbag trends. So, what are you waiting for? Save your back and grab a stylish bucket bag that’s as functional as well as swoon-worthy.

 Bucket Bag

Crocodile Bags

With the animal trend riding high, it is natural to see it reflected in the latest trends of summer 2019. This happened in the form of crocodile bags appearing in all the bright and bold shades. The crocodile pattern isn’t just a pretty pattern, but it’s practical too as it hides stains and scratches better than plain leather. We spotted Crocodile bags on almost every runway, this year’s handbag collection.
Crocodile Pattern Bags


Tassels are showing up everywhere! They embellish shoes, jewellery, clothing, and our favourite… handbags. A little fringe is the best way to add freshness to plain bags and purses. Tassels are the perfect way to complete your boho-chic look. The most unique thing about tassels is that most of them can be removed easily. You can also purchase tassels separately and use them to dress up an existing handbag, so you can bring new life to your older purses in an affordable way.

 Tassel Bag


Traditionally we have seen beaded work on a clutch instead of an everyday purse, and they would easily dress up an outfit for a night out on your trip. When paired with a crisp white shirt and denim, anyone can get on board with these bags. Beaded bags are a little higher maintenance than your traditional travel bag, but for the right trip, they may be worth the effort.

 Beaded Bags

Floral Print

The signature sign of spring and the perfect pattern to spruce up your travel accessories is a pretty floral pattern. From soft and sweet tones to bold punches of colour, the options are practically endless when it comes to a floral print. If you’re in the market for a new crossbody bag floral print bag can easily transition into a year-round bag, making it a smart and versatile choice. Floral print handbags are super popular right now.

 Floral Print Bag

We hope you liked this post on the super- trending summer handbags in 2019. Don’t shy to share your views in the comment section, also, do share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

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