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Be Smart with your Smartphone Charging Techniques


You cannot bear the sight of low power sign pops up on your smartphone screen. That very thin red line appearing on the battery sign really frustrate your mind, especially when you are heading for an important meeting, office or for any other purpose.

With having over 300 million smartphone users in India that are increasing at a rapid rate, almost every single user is facing the issue of low battery backup.

Well charging the device is certainly not a Herculean task, but how exactly you do that matters a lot. We meant to say that, there certain mistakes that users do while fuelling up the battery with the juice of electric power.

Few of Common Mistakes are as Follows:

  • Charging the device, when the battery is lower than 20% or beyond that.
  • Doing a 100% charging of the device every single time for a normal usage.
  • Leaving the gadget on charge overnight.


Well, mentioned above mistakes can be corrected easily by following a few of the impressive techniques.


  • Switch to Airplane Mode: In order to enrich the battery life of your beloved device, just put it on Airplane and then charge. Doing this will let your device prevent usage of Wifi/mobile network, Apps at the background or any other thing that consumes additional electricity. This is much faster and reliable of fueling the battery.


  • Charge up to 80%: Using a smartphone on a regular basis demands you to charge the same maximum up to 80%. It is a well-known fact that plugging the charger for 100% every single time will shorten its life-span. So, better to keep your phone anywhere in between 50% to 80%.


  • Rely More on Wall Sockets: Nowadays, there a plenty of ways available to charge a smartphone’s battery like that of USB, Power Bank, etc. However, most reliable and speedy way is using a wall socket for charging the same.


  • Removal of Cases: Getting away with cases or covers while charging is also a smarter way of charging the device in a speedy manner.



So, simply follow such tips and tricks not just to have charged phone all day long, but also enriched life-span of the same.



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