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A Total Nightmare for Indian Moms- Changing Food Menu at School

Nothing can replace the feeling for a mother to hold her cute little new-born baby for the very first time. That particular motherly feeling is something unmatchable with anything else.

You still have the glimpses of that particular moment in mind, when you first hold the baby, touched his soft little feet, hands, and cheek. A bright kind of smile and a teary eye still appear on your face, whenever you remember that beautiful moment.

Years go on and the bond between you and your kid keeps in getting strong. With every single day, month and a year, you tend to feel much protective and caring about your child and his/her day to day behaviour and tasks.

The moment, your cute little one started going to play or preparatory school, the sense of responsibility increases to a great extent. A mother started feeling worried about her child’s day in the school, eating habits, cleaning process and other such things.


Much concern goes towards the food menu of your kid at school, which is, of course needs, to be fulfilled by you. No doubt in the fact that, being a mother, you have to make sure a proper diet and a strict meal plan should be followed at school simply because of improving child’s health and growth at such tender age.

However, what has gone confusing these days is the changing food menu at several schools that include dishes that take time to prepare early in the morning or something your little one is not able to finish at school.

A Nightmare

Regular changes in kid’s food menu at preparatory school is something not well-appreciated by Indian Mom’s due to the following few questions in mind:

  • Is my child really going to eat so much food at the school?
  • How is that possible for my child to eat such spicy snacks?
  • Is it really a joke to prepare such dishes early in the morning?
  • What is the guarantee that my kid is going to eat a meal instead of giving the same to teachers?

Well, these are some of the doubts that continue to run over the minds of Indian mothers.


The Solution

Something you have to accept, i.e. you are Mothers of India which means, you can anything to fully nurture your child the way you want.

So, if it is about coping with the changing food menu at school, then keep the following points in mind:

  • Use easy hacks to prepare complex meals in the morning wee hours
  • Utilize less spices to prepare food for your kid
  • Provide a little quantity of food as per the diet limit of the child
  • Ask the school authority to showcase kids lunch hours on a CCTV footage on your smartphone
  • Ask your kid after the school, if he/she has really eaten the complete lunch



So, Mother India, remember, You are the Creator of the World and Nothing is Impossible for you.

Keep Going!!!

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