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8 Best Stylish Backpacks For Women For Every Occasion


Backpacks have always been around us, besides being the favourite type of bag of school and college going kids, a backpack has been an all-in-one carry or a must-have in every traveller's list from always. A backpack can be cute or formal at the same time very useful, as it keeps your hands free and gives you an extraordinary look. Now, backpacks are getting popular once again as an important part of our wardrobe. Just like dresses with pockets, a good backpack can make your life so much easier. With its functionality and convenience to use and stylish designs; backpacks are no longer just being used for children or hikers, these days backpacks come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colours the reason they’ve become favourite of office professionals, avid shoppers and gym goers.

Reading so many good things about the backpacks you’re surely getting desperate to buy a good backpack for yourself, worry not we took the weight off your back and rounded up the best backpack options for different occasions. Check out these 8 trendy and convenient backpacks by GlobePanda that would completely make you feel confident, and just as stylish, too.


For Casual Outings

We know that you carry your world in your bag, especially during summer, things like sunscreen, water bottle, an umbrella are essential to keep wherever you go. A backpack is much more spacious as well, instead of carrying too many bags a backpack with multiple compartments can be a smart choice for any casual outings with friends. So, whether you are planning for a day of street or mall shopping, this stylish GlobePanda waterproof backpack bag is a must-have.

 Women Backpack

For Gym

The trend of floral prints has always been in demand. So instead of carrying your gym wear or swimwear in a boring plain bag carry them in a stylish floral print drawstring backpack to hold on to style even in the locker room. Made with high-quality material, elevating space, style and sustenance, this bag gives you perfect summer look and keep your gym wear stacked perfectly with your post-workout meals.

 Women Backpack

For Work

Carrying multiple bags can be annoying on your commute. While backpacks are traditionally used by travellers and students they are getting popular as a work bag as well. Backpacks are sturdy enough to hold some heavy-duty work arsenal, that keeps you looking stylish. The style-gurus from GlobePanda have created this sophisticated leather backpack which is perfect to carry your daily work essentials. Not only it’s spacious, but this backpack also got an adjustable strap thus making it easy to carry as a sling as well.

 Women Leather Backpack

For School

From preschool to college, backpacks make it easy for students to carry books, laptops, and personal gear to the class. This printed canvas backpack looks thin yet can fit all your books. It is designed for comfort & style, this GlobePanda school backpack features durable fabrics & smart organization for student life. It’s better than any other type of bag as it keeps your hands free, meaning you can sip on that coffee while walking to your exam.

 Women Backpack

For Date Night

Preparing for that perfect date night- dress, shoes all set, but what about the bag? Holding a clutch or a small purse is a traditional option however, it may force you to throw away most of the things you’d need. Wearing a large uncomfortable tote also wouldn’t be a smart choice instead pick this multicolour small backpack with a cute teddy bear keychain from GlobePanda.  You can carry anything you may need to go from day to night in a mini backpack and it’ll be your buddy for that special evening.

 Women Mini Backpack

For Travel

Call it a travel backpack, daypack, day bag etc. a backpack is a smaller bag you take in addition to your carry-on, and it’s what will go together with you while you hike mountains or explore the heart of a metro city. If you need a travel companion, an adorable backpack is a perfect buddy. Ditch your boring suitcase and satchels and try this pretty canvas travelling backpack bag for women. Designed to cater to both the petite form and adventure needs of a woman.

 Women Backpack

For Any Party Or Festival

To enjoy any festival or party to the fullest the number one rule is to be comfortable and hands-free. And this cute backpack with ribbons is perfect for keeping your festival essentials close by and maintain the fun vibes. An easy to carry lightweight girl backpack which will make you look stylish and help you stand out in the crowd!

 Women Backpack

For Multiple Utility

Women are known to be multi-tasking every day, from managing the home to slaying in office as well as socializing with friends. With this stylish anti-theft nylon GlobePanda backpack you can juggle through the numerous roles you play daily. Featuring a hidden compartment on the backside, you can carry your important stuff like wallet and mobile tension free. Carry it either as a top handle laptop bag, a sling or just as a backpack when you want to walk hands-free and comfortably.

 Women Backpack

So now that you know that backpacks are not only meant for travellers other than commonly use tote or shoulder bags, backpacks are the new cool to carry your laptop or daily essentials in comfort and style, which backpack are you going to buy for yourself? Let us know in the comments section below.

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