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6 Types of Modern and Stylish Bags Every Man Should Know About


In today’s modern lifestyle, a bag is considered a person’s style statement rather than just a storage essential. This one accessory has the power to turn the whole look down or bring the personality to a whole new level. As we are speaking about the bag who says, a bag is only the girls’ best companion? The men's bags today are one of the most essential parts of any man's wardrobe. A perfect bag would be practical, serve all your stuff-carrying needs and enable you to add some edge and masculinity to your looks. And if a small accessory has so much to offer, shouldn’t you be well-aware of the trending types of bags for men ruling in the industry? Offering you most used, admired and desired types of bags here are 6 men bag styles which will be a great addition to any man’s wardrobe.


Briefcase Bags

The briefcase has been around for quite some time. We know that you are thinking about the old school hard briefcases. But, don’t worry the fashion gurus have identified the need for a briefcase with a different look, and thus, they’ve introduced many trendy briefcases which are smaller, softer, lighter. These are perfect to carry a laptop along with all other office requisites. Unlike bulky briefcases of the past, they’re perfect for carrying a laptop, a journal, and a few documents.

 Briefcase Bags


Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are worn over one shoulder and across the back. Also, named satchels and shoulder bags, messenger bags are very popular due to their comfy design that allows for quick and easy access to its single compartment. They're perfect for college, work, commute, and the selection of messengers is probably the biggest on the market. These bags are easily expandable and can carry a lot without the bulk getting in your way. The modern messenger bag keeps its utility as it is great for transporting laptops, paperwork while keeping your hands free as you do your work.

 Messenger Bags


Tote Bags

Yeah, you read that right! Day by day as the style and designs are emerging, Tote Bags for men are becoming a popular thing nowadays. This might be the most unconventional, but with its big strap handles and extensive space to carry things, it’s a perfect choice for a man. Totes are simple bags and tend to work seamlessly with your outfits. A tote is a modern approach to the classic briefcase but one that won't come off as too corporate. The basic design renders the tote a classic status, while the long handles give it a contemporary edge.

 Men Tote Bags


Duffle Bags

The super sturdy and spacious ones are the Duffle Bags. Due to its large size duffle bag gives a handsome feel with more room for things. These bags are available in loads and loads of colours, materials and shapes these days. Duffle bags essentially serve the same purpose as weekenders. However, they are available in a wider range of materials and sizes. You’ll find everything from nylon duffels, for your gym trips, to army canvas duffels that can fit a whole closet.

 Men Duffel Bags


Weekender Bags

The name explains it all– a bag for the weekend getaways. Weekender bags are for those weekend getaways which we on and off plan. Enough space to carry 2 to 3 days luggage and comfortable to hold grip for the free trips. They are comfortably fit all your outfits, plus an extra pair of shoes if you pack them mindfully. Without a doubt, weekenders are the most stylish and convenient bags for those short trips.

  Weekender Bags



Despite being the most regular one, the charm and demand of a Backpack never go out. Backpacks are convenient, and arguably the easiest to carry. They offer the most in terms of compartments since they have multiple pouches inside and out for specific things like laptops, phones, and tablets. Laptop backpacks, school-college backpacks and even substantial travelling backpacks rule the market for ages. Backpacks are no longer just for lugging school books. As a backpack is easy to carry on your back, it has become a necessary accessory which now comes in many styles and faucets.

 Men Backpacks

So, that is all for now! Do you know any other kind of Men’s Bag which should be on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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